For the past 20+ years, B2B has been driven by one thing: data. But customers are done with data. They’re drowning in data. They wish data was dead. Ok, not dead – that would be crazy. The point is that data is overdone. Every B2B brand is pumping out the same data-driven, algorithmic drivel, and it’s nothing but white noise to buyers. 

When it’s time to buy, customers aren’t going to take your word that you’re the best solution to their problem. They’re going to turn to online reviews, influencers, colleagues, and their network to decide if you’re worth their dollar. They’re going to talk to the people they trust. And that’s what the PartnerHacker Handbook is about.

In this book, we’ll walk you through what we’re calling the “Era of Partner Ecosystems,” where trust, not data, is the central currency. Featuring contributions from prominent B2B thought leaders, the Handbook will teach you:

  • What a Partner Ecosystem is and what it means in the broader context of B2B
  • The importance of trust in the modern buying process
  • How a Partner Ecosystem will accelerate revenue and bolster customer retention at your business


Don't just take our word for it

"There is a lot of work to be done—particularly in bringing together the emergent class of partner-focused startups with the established enterprise teams and the world of traditional channel. That work begins with ideas and conversations. It ends in a total transformation of business as we know it. This handbook is a small step forward in the conversation."

Jay McBain

Chief Analyst @ Canalyst

“People buy from people they trust. A Partner Ecosystem allows you to expand your influence beyond your own marketing channels. Suddenly, you’re one of the most recognized, and, more importantly, most TRUSTED brands in your space.”

Jill Rowley

B2B SaaS Expert & GTM Advisor

"Complementary software companies, professional services firms and content creators are influencing and servicing your ideal fit prospects. You can grow slowly and unprofitably by competing for your market's attention against all of these incumbents, or you can partner up. This book is the best I've seen yet for helping SaaS companies figure out how to scale up revenue quickly and cost effectively by putting partners first."

Peter Caputa

CEO @ Databox

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